SSS #190: Viral Tweet


I just realized I wash down my cholesterol-lowering supplements with Diet Coke most nights.

This is America 💪


Livin' La Vida Luna y Luca

Kickball and swings. Summer is finally here.

Viral Tweet

This week I posted my most popular tweet ever.

  • 62 New Followers

I did not expect that type of response to a tweet based on a newsletter I wrote a few months ago.

Here's my best guess as to how/why it happened.

Table Stakes

If you're trying to achieve virality on Twitter, here are the table stakes:

1) Become a paying member of Twitter Blue. I happily send $8/mo to the Bank of Elon.

Although he is often cringeworthy, I still think Musk is the greatest entrepreneur of this generation. I'm more than happy to support his endeavors.

I was also a day 1 reservation holder for the Model 3: 1 of ~1 million people that gave Elon a $1,000 interest-free loan for 2 years to build out the production line.

2) Post every day. I use an app called Tweet Hunter to schedule my posts in advance.

Tweet Hunter has a bunch of cool features that make my production process much simpler.

  • Provides inspiration in the form of Tweets that outperform
  • Allows you to rapidly engage with the accounts you follow

3) Consume to produce. I try to have a producer's mindset when I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed.

I'm trying to take note of what makes a tweet popular or what makes a tweet (from a popular creator) flop.

In general, it comes down to having a novel or contrarian perspective + an invitation to engage.

Sifting Through The Dust

The comments section on this post was pleasantly surprising.

There were a few takeaways for me. In no particular order, they were:

Somehow I lost sight of Rules #1-3 of Real Estate: Location, Location, Location. This was a good reminder.

Some people think more debt is an acceptable answer. Pro-tip: It's not.

This guy hit the nail on the head.

This isn't a "cashflow" issue as much as it is a Property Management issue.

We've had bad luck with non-paying tenants, but that should be fixed in the next 60 days.

A bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

Some people have no idea how big a Billion is. Or this guy believes in me 1,000x more than I believe in myself.

  • Million seconds comes out to about 11 days.
  • Billion seconds comes out to about 31 years.

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