SSS #80: Random Updates


Livin’ La Vida Luna


Despite Dia's obsession with keeping Luna bundled up, I think we're ready to leave winter behind.

After our morning coffee date yesterday at Eagle Rock Coffee, we went for a nice stroll around Upper Montclair.

As we were exploring, we walked by one of our favorite pre-pandemic restaurants, De Novo. We can't wait to go back.

Update 1:

I spent all my creative time this week making progress on the book I wanted to finish writing by the end of 2020. 😬

I completed Section 1: Buy.

Only 5 more sections to go. ☠️

Reminder: The target audience for this book is people looking to buy their first or next rental property using the BRRRR strategy. I want to help by sharing the step-by-step details of my first deal.

If you know anyone who fits the target demographic and might benefit from helping me create and edit the contents of the book, please let me know.

Update 2:

On 3/19, we closed on my first commercial property, a 4-unit mixed-use in Riverside, NJ.

Shoutout to the investors (CMG) and partners (Rise) that made this acquisition possible.

Update 3:

We are finally on track to refinance the 4-unit property we bought back in January 2020.

A special thanks to my cousin, Mehul, for finding me a competitive rate and term with a no-doc lender.

Traditional lenders hate me so I was having a tough go of it. I almost sold the property out of frustration.

Update 4:

The postcards from our direct marketing to distressed sellers effort hit mailboxes this past week.

We already received two phone calls. One from an owner of a duplex in Dover, NJ, and another from an owner of a 5-unit building in Scotch Plains, NJ.

I'm not sure if either lead will turn into anything for us, but the fact that we got 2 calls back in week 1 is really exciting.

Update 5:

What's next for #SunShakSunday...

At the beginning of 2020, I wrote down 10-15 weeks' worth of blog post ideas. I've written or discarded all of those ideas and am now working off a blank canvas.

Here's what I see coming down the pipe over the next few weeks:

  • Luna's 1st Birthday is coming up. A recap on my first year as "Papa"
  • 2 Books I want to publish my notes on are Range & Happy Money
  • Reject the Tyranny of "Or". Embrace the Genius of "And"
  • 4 Life Changing Lessons Learned in Therapy
  • More real estate deals (hopefully)

If there's anything specific you'd like me to write about, just ask.