SSS #67: Happy Holidays, Website Improvements, & Sensory Deprivation


This edition of SunShakSunday will be a bunch of bite-sized updates.

Livin' La Vida Luna


Here's Luna doing her best impression of Mrs. Claus.

Happy Holidays

Hope you enjoyed your holiday weekend.

This last week of December is always a busy time of year for us.

  • Dia's family is used to celebrating Christmas on the 24th.
  • My family is used to celebrating Christmas on the 25th.
  • My dad's birthday is on the 26th.
  • Dia's birthday is on the 28th.

It's basically a few days of stuffing ourselves with Indian food, Mexican food, pizza & cake. Makes for great motivation going into the new year.

Website Improvements

I managed to make some changes to my website with the help of the copywriting community I joined a few weeks ago.

That group, namely the administrators, have been instrumental in helping me improve my voice as a writer and hone my messaging.

These are the first set of changes I made to my website in ~2 years. The design still needs work, but it's the copy I'm more concerned with right now.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Please check it out (looks better on desktop than mobile):

Sensory Deprivation

Dia and I took the day off on Wednesday. We still sent Luna to school so we could have the day to ourselves. Are we terrible parents? 🤷🏽‍♂️

The main event for the day was a sensory deprivation salt float tank. 60 minutes in pure darkness with no noise except the sound of your heartbeat.

It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

As someone who meditates regularly and enjoys being alone with my thoughts, my expectations for the event were high.

It turns out my thoughts were pretty shallow. *womp womp*

I spent most of the time thinking about my to-do list.

It was one of those situations where about 5 minutes in you're thinking, how much longer do I have to be in here?

However, in the last 5 minutes, I did have some ideas for blog posts in the new year:

  • How Much My Real Estate Investing Business Made in 2020
  • A Breakdown of My Net Worth (%'s only)
  • My Master Plan For Direct Mail Marketing To Homeowners in 2021
  • How I Bought a 3-Family Rental Property Without Ever Seeing It
  • Business is not a skill, it's a collection of micro-skills

Is there anything specific you'd like me to write about?

Hit reply, let me know.

Until then, Happy New Year! ❤️