SSS #123: How Much Money We Spent in December 2021


We're in Mexico City right now paying Dia's family a much overdue visit. The last time we were here, she was pregnant with Luna 🀯.

It's been nothing but laughing, hugging, and a little bit of crying (happy tears) since we arrived a few days ago.

Livin' La Vida Luna


Apologies for the humble brag, but sitting in Business Class is a total game-changer with lap infants under 2 years old (while their ticket is stil free).


After some crazy good waffles, we threw some blankets on the floor for nap-time and Luna was out for 2 hours.

Well-fed, well-rested, and ready to spend QT with the Latino Gang!

How Much Money We Spent in December 2021:


This week's video is a behind-the-scenes look into what Dia and I spent our money on in December 2021.

I was inspired to make this video because over the past few months, I've been having more and more conversations about money with my closest friends and family.

I LOVE hearing about people's relationship to money. It's fascinating to see where people "draw the line" or feel encouraged to spend more.

I also loved going over our own expenses in front of the camera. I might do one of these every quarter to make sure I stay up to date on where our money's going.

Hope you enjoy it.

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