SSS #120: $25,000 Mistake With Hard Money Lender


🥂 Happy New Year! What did you do to celebrate?

🥋 Dia and I started the new season of Cobra Kai at 7p and were knocked out by 9p.

🤫 *Quiet!*

This past week started out really rough for me.

I caught a stomach virus over Christmas weekend and found myself vomiting (out of both ends) for 3 days straight. Sorry for the graphic image.

I wanted to tweet a couple of takeaways from the experience but never got around to it.

If you care to know, here they are:

I take my perfectly normal health for granted.

When I’m firing on all cylinders, hitting every workout, walking tall, and running through walls, I almost never take a second to simply appreciate how lucky I am for being a completely healthy human being 99.99% of the time.

The only health-related “issue” I have is seasonal allergies. Of course, some of that comes from making healthy choices, but the bulk of that comes from just having good genes and being lucky.

A good support system is the ultimate cheat code.

My dad dropped everything to help Dia watch Luna on Monday and Wednesday. Dia’s coworker’s picked up some of her slack when she decided to take a sick-day Tuesday. My business partner took my place in handling an issue with our lender on the Elizabeth Triplex.

I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by people who are ready to step in when I can’t show up.

“It takes a village”.

I’ll hop off my soapbox now. I hope some of that resonates.

Livin' La Vida Luna


It was so damn hot in that onesie.

$25,000 Mistake With Hard Money Lender


So I finally hooked up my new camera. But I couldn’t use my mic because I only have one USB-C to USB-A adapter. 🤦🏽‍♂️Friggin Macs.

Apologies for the crappy audio. Enjoy the sweet video.

Also, since I was sick Sunday - Wednesday I barely wrote a script for this video. I tried to shoot straight from the hip with some bullet points, but I feel like it negatively impacted my camera confidence. Gotta get better at improvising.

Here’s how I’m tracking against my YouTube goals:

✅ 20 / 100 videos published

✅ 138 / 1,000 subscribers

✅ 155 / 4,000 hours of watch-time

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