SSS #114: This Book Will Improve Your Negotiation Skills


I woke up Thursday morning to the side of my tongue being completely chewed out.

I wish I could say this was a one-time thing, but it's not. It usually happens when I'm under a lot of stress.

Between today and 12/31/21, we're selling 3 properties, buying 3 properties, and trying to refinance 2 properties. There are also a few personal matters looming.

It might be high time to do another Fear Setting Exercise.

On the bright side, I'm doing everything in my control to alleviate the stress.

  • I'm hitting the gym 5x a week
  • I'm mostly present with the family at home
  • I'm continuing to prioritize a passion project in my spare time: the YouTube channel.

Sometimes the only way out is through.

Livin' La Vida Luna


Taken after an amazing breakfast at Hapgoods with Aunt Arlene.

This Book Will Improve Your Negotiation Skills


This has to be my tightest script so far. There's no preamble or introduction. I jumped straight out of the frying pan into the πŸ”₯ content.

I also shot this video using two different angles. That really paid off for the phone call with the CEO part (2:45 - 3:30).

Here’s how I’m tracking against my YouTube goals:

βœ… 15 / 100 videos published

βœ… 93 / 1,000 subscribers

βœ… 89.1 / 4,000 hours of watch-time

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