SSS #231: My Watch Was Stolen


This past Thursday, someone stole my watch out of my gym locker.

I feel violated and gutted. These past few days have been difficult, to say the least.

I filed a police report and notified the manufacturer that it was stolen. As of now, there's not much more I can do.

So I'll take this time to tell a story I never told you. A story I was "scared" to tell you for fear of judgment.

But now that I find myself in this position... what the hell? Might as well let it rip.

Every Rolex Tells a Story

Every Rolex Tells a Story
Every Rolex Tells a Story

In December 2021, I dropped by the Short Hills Mall on a whim to check if the new Rolex store was open.

My experience with Rolex up until then had been unfruitful and quite embarrassing.

I visited dozens of stores (around the world) and every time it was the same story: I was never able to really "connect" with the salesperson.

Every encounter felt so forced and transactional. And as expected, my number never got called.

But that mid-December day in 2021 was different...

I met a nice young man who had just been promoted from Security Guard to Salesman. We got to talking about spontaneous career transitions, being #GirlDads, and so much more. The conversation was flowing.

Then he asked me the magic question, "So which watch are you interested in?"

I told him I wanted a Stainless Steel GMT-Master II BLNR.

AKA "Batman".

Then he offered me a pen and a pad and said, "OK - why don't you write down your name, number and the watch you want on this and I'll see what I can do".

I've filled out this little sheet at least a dozen times before, and it's NEVER worked.

So I hit pause and called an audible.

You see... that same morning, Dia and I had a routine ultrasound for Luca. So I was walking around with a picture of the little guy in my jacket pocket.

I pulled out the picture and put it on the glass showcase. The salesman cocked his head to the side and gave me a confused look.

I had his attention.

I pointed to the picture of the ultrasound and said, "This watch will be for him. One day, he'll get to wear it. Maybe after he graduates college, gets married, or has his first kid. I don't know when it will be exactly, but he's getting the first Rolex I buy, and you have an opportunity to be a part of that story."

I wrote my name, number, email, and the word "BATMAN" (in all caps) on the back of the Ultrasound and gave it to the salesman.

He called me the very next weekend (as Dia and I were wrapping Christmas presents) and sold me the watch.

The entire experience was surreal. From the moment he called me to the moment I walked out of the boutique wearing my new timepiece.

For the first few weeks of ownership, I wore it sparingly. I was babying it. Tucking it back into its box every night before going to bed. Taking it out only when I wasn't dressed head to toe in athleisure.

It wasn't long before I started wearing it every day. Sometimes I wore it to sleep! It became a part of me.

But now I can't wear it at all. Because someone stole it from me. And it fucking sucks. Not because the watch was expensive (it was). But because they took something from me that wasn't mine to lose.

It was my son's.

And yeah... maybe it's only a matter of time before I buy another one. But it won't be this one. It won't be the one that Luca helped me get. It won't be the one that he spit up on 100 times as a baby. It won't be the one I planned on giving to him on his special day.

It'll just be the spare.

Hopefully, over time I can come to appreciate this experience as part of my Rolex story.

But right now the only thing I can think is... Motherfuckers, man. Mother fucking fuckers. 😡 😢


Before You Ask:

  • Yes, my locker was locked.
    • I think someone marked me.
    • I told the police who I think did it.
  • No, I did not have insurance on the watch.
    • I'll get it on the next one.
  • You can Google how much a GMT-Master II costs.
    • Please do not ask me.
  • Buying a stainless steel Rolex from an Authorized Dealer is all but impossible.
    • If you help me buy this watch from an AD, I'll give you a $500 referral fee.
  • Many Rolex's have nicknames.
    • This one is called Batman because of its colorway (black and blue).
      • There's also Pepsi (red and blue), Sprite (green and black), Root Beer (brown and black), Hulk, Kermit, Starbucks, Panda, Smurf, Coke, etc.
We'll Meet Again Soon
We'll Meet Again Soon

Livin La Vida Luna y Luca

I didn't forget the kids! Just didn't want to bury the lead.

Dia and I decided to try something different recently.

We split up! (Not like that). She took Luna on a playdate and I stayed home with Luca.

We both agree. One v One is so much easier than Two v Two. 😅