SSS #225: Recap & Resources


I just finished Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage and it was AMAZING.
10/10 - Highly recommend.

I followed that up by watching Society of the Snow on Netflix. Another survivor thriller that's based on a true story set in freezing temperatures (Andes Mountains).


Livin' La Vida Luna y Luca

I took Luca to his first birthday party this weekend. So naturally, Dia took Luna to Paris Baguette for a slice of cake. 😂

The kicker: I didn't let Luca have any cake. I'm terrible, I know. 🤷‍♂️

This edition of SSS is going to be a simple recap of the week with a few side income resources sprinkled in at the end.

Eviction Awarded

Warrant For Removal

We were finally awarded a warrant for the removal of a nonpaying guest at our family's motel.

This guest checked in 5+ years ago. He paid on time for YEARS with no fuss. Then the eviction moratorium went into effect in March 2020 and the payments immediately stopped.

It took 4(!) court dates, 2(!!) lawyers, and $38K(!!!) in lost rent - but we came out the other side.

[NOT] Looking forward to seeing what the unit turn is going to cost.

Having to evict someone is the worst. What starts as righteous indignation typically ends up in remorse (for me at least). I don't want to see people on the streets, but I'm also not running a shelter. Mixed feelings all around.

Song On Repeat

Luna and I danced to this song no less than a dozen times this week.

Highly suggest watching the music video for full effect.

Beautiful music.

Ed & Andrea

4 Offers, No Dice!

I submitted 4 offers this week. Based on the responses, I won't be acquiring any of them.

It's so hard to understand how developers are buying property at these prices. I would never root for them to lose, but I also don't understand how they'll generate a risk-adjusted return on their money.

I am working on 2 other deals that should pan out, but both of them were brought to me by operating partners. Trying hard not to feel completely useless right now.

Side Income Tools

The last thing I want to mention is a few free tools I use to generate a little income on the side.

Sleek Bio & TidyCal

A friend reached out on Twitter about how I set up my side gigs.

It's pretty simple - I use three tools.

The first is SleekBio, which is an alternative to LinkTree. I use SleekBio as the profile link in all of my social accounts.

Whenever someone clicks on that link - they will be directed to a page where they can:

  • Download a Template of my Private Money Lending Docs
  • Sign up for this Newsletter
  • Book a 30-minute Consulting Call

The second tool I use is Gumroad. That's where I host any "products" I have for sale. Right now that's limited to my Private Money Lender Doc Template.

It's available for free, but there's also an option to "Pay What You Can".

Gumroad Sales

As you can see, 3 of my last 4 "sales" were for $0 and 1 was for $100. Awesome.

The last tool I use is TidyCal. TidyCal syncs with my personal and work calendars so no one can book a call when I already have something going on. I also set it up so you can't book time with me before 11am or after 4pm.

The calls are sparse, but as my following grows on X, more and more requests are coming in.

Someone booked time with me yesterday to talk tomorrow.

My goal with these consulting calls is to make my client a 10x return on their money. Fortunately, saving someone $1,500 in an industry as expensive as real estate is pretty easy.

I should probably raise my rates 😂 😛