SSS #220: Short & Sweet Week


After calling my Zoning Attorney every day last week, she finally hit me with, "Sunny - nobody wants to do this right now. Please call back in January."

Message received šŸ˜…

With that in mind - I'll keep this week's post short & sweet.


Livin' La Vida Luna y Luca

Matchin' PJs

Luna mean-muggin'. Luca chunky monkey.

A few highlights I'd like to share from this week:


Officially closed out Project Washington. I made the final payment to my builder and we put a celebratory dinner on the books for next week.

If you're looking for someone to custom-build your next home, hit 'em up.


Wholeeeeeeee lotta nothin'.


I helped a buddy revamp his personal finance system. This was so fun & fulfilling for me.

Before we met, he uploaded all of his accounts to Copilot so we could see everything in one place. We made a few adjustments in real time, but he mostly has some homework to do.

Most of the homework I gave him might be helpful for anyone so here it is:

  • Fire your Financial Advisor. Especially if they're charging you percentage-based fees.
Do I Need a Financial Advisor? -
Do I Need a Financial Advisor? -
  • Move from Bank of America (or Wells Fargo) to Capital One 360 for Checking & (More importantly) High Yield Savings Accounts

Wells Fargo and Bank of America offer a measly <2.5% interest on their high-yield savings accounts and that's IF you have > $1M with them.

Capital One 360 offers 4.5% with no minimum balance and no fees.

  • Consolidate various retirement and brokerage accounts to one custodian: Fidelity or Vanguard.

Dia and I use Fidelity because of their zero-cost index fund options. Vanguard, however, has a slightly better reputation since they're a pioneer in the space.

  • Sign up for a password manager like Lastpass or 1Password.

Stop using a derivative of the same password for every single login you own. Your dog's name + 123! is not secure enough. You don't want your Chase login at risk because Netflix got hacked.


Ended the day with a ~2-hour therapeutic call with my big-bro, Gabe. We talked about everything but started with my biggest struggle right now: getting used to Dia being back at work and embracing this season of boredom between projects.

I decided to use this time to go inward instead of doing "more" for the sake of doing more.


Dia and I were invited to celebrate an incredible year of growth and development with the Rodriguez family at The Millburn Standard. It was great to hang with a handful of investor buddies in a non-business environment. I'm going to crack open my cake jar party favor as soon as I'm done writing this.

This Upcoming Week:

We'll be celebrating the holiday at home. My parents are visiting my sister in South Carolina, but Dia's mom is with us until 12/31.

The kids' school is closed all week. I plan on bringing them to the gym with me every day. Let's see how that plays out. šŸ˜¬

I've also accepted that zero work is getting done (unless a fire needs to be put out).

Ho Ho Ho!