SSS #218: Condo-Conversion Complete!


I asked my lawyer if he knew of any legit tax write-off opportunities I could exploit by the end of the year and he said, "Yeah, sure - check your email."

It was my outstanding legal bill 🤕

Outstanding Legal Bill
Outstanding Legal Bill

$17K for a week's worth of work! ☠️

I'm in the wrong business.

Immediate next steps:

  • Negotiate it down as much as possible
  • Pay it off
  • Enjoy the fruits of his labor


Livin' La Vida Luna y Luca

Matching Outfits
Matching Outfits

ICYMI: We bought a corner-lot duplex in the Queen Village neighborhood of Philadelphia back in March '23.

After a lengthy (& expensive) variance process and a full cosmetic rehab, we are selling each unit individually as condos.

The larger unit went up for sale this week at $700K.

The smaller unit went up for sale two months ago at $400K.

Two months is a long time. The silver lining is the average home in Philadelphia sells after 90 days on the market.

To counteract this, we priced the larger unit attractively at $700K. A direct comp just pended at $799K.

We're expecting the traffic for the new listing to provide a second wind for the smaller unit.

Let's see how it goes. 🤞

Numbers & Pics

As for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy some (before & after) photos and the costs incurred to make it so via my latest post on X (FKA Twitter).

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Cosmetic Condo Conversion Complete
Cosmetic Condo Conversion Complete