SSS #168: Finally Got The 'Vid 🦠


Livin' La Vida Luna


Those cheeks 🥰.

All 4 of em

Dia felt like she got hit by a truck on Monday so she went to urgent care and tested positive for COVID.

I tested positive a day later.

This is the first time for both of us and it really sucks.

We probably got it at the Lakers - 76ers game. I'm still trying to decide if it was "worth it". Dia says it was definitely not worth it. I'm still on the fence.

Anyway, the "worst" part of this is we have to keep the kids at home for 10 days because of their school's close contact policy (which we agree with).

So while we're both reeling from fevers, headaches, sore throats, body pain, etc - we also have to maintain and entertain two kids under 3. 😬


This picture of Luna laying sprawled out on the floor basically sums up our children's experience this week - Bored AF.

On The Mend

It's Saturday night as I write this, and although I lost my sense of taste earlier today, I will say it feels like I'm turning the corner.

Dia's been symptom-free since Thursday.

That popular meme comes to mind. The one where it shows a Sick Mom vs. A Sick Dad.

The mom is still getting shit done while the dad is totally useless.


Yup, that was us.

Other Updates:

This is probably going to be my last email of 2022.

Next week I'll send a simple Merry Christmas email (for continuity's sake) and get back to spending time with family.

New Cons Project

We have a foundation!


After almost 2 full months of delays, the Superior Walls are finally installed.

🤞🏽 We are ~24 weeks out from the finished product.

From foundation set date:

  • Ready to pour concrete - 2 weeks.
  • Framing & Windows - 5 weeks.
  • Roughs, Inspection - 6 weeks.
  • Insulation, Drywall, Inspection - 4 weeks.
  • Floors, Tile, Trim - 5 weeks.
  • Paint - 2 weeks

1532 Catharine

Demo is complete.

Floors were delivered.

Kitchen and bathroom vanities are ordered and on the way.

This project is being managed perfectly by my friend and partner, Francis. If you know anyone looking to buy or sell in Philly, please send them to Francis 🙏🏽.

758 S Front

We had the property inspected and it came back relatively clean.

We might go back to the seller on a structural item, but it's a minor fix so if they don't play ball it's not the end of the world.

Aside from that, we're ready to close. We're just waiting for the seller to deliver the property vacant. There's a tenant in one of the units on a month-month lease.

Personal Stuff is lookin' pretty tired these days.

Think I'm going to take a stab at moving it over to Webflow.

I'm also thinking about moving this newsletter, SunShakSunday, to a service called Beehiiv.

Finally - I'm getting back into making video content in early 2023. This time around I will be focusing on Shorts / Reels.

Lots of cool shit happening. Can't wait.