SSS #152: Quick Update πŸ’¨


This week's email is a bunch of random updates.



Livin' La Vida Luna y Luca


🎡 Somewhere... Over the rainbow...

πŸ•ΊπŸ½ Luca del Sol is an Official Model

Luca's social security number finally came in.

I signed him to a modeling contract, added him to the payroll, and opened up his Roth IRA.

I did the same thing for Luna this week two years ago.

You can read the story here.

πŸ“‘ Approved Permits in Hand!

After failing a few subcodes, we finally received the permits for our new construction project in Chatham.

We should be excavating this week and dropping in superior walls by mid-September.

Right now, I'm going back and forth on the decision to hire a designer.

Dia and I sat down to pick out some finishes this weekend, but we lost steam about an hour into it.

There are so many (hundreds) more decisions to make.

Every day it doesn't get done makes me think we're that much closer to biting the bullet on a design fee.

πŸ’° We Secured The [Government's] Bag

One of the tenants we were about to evict got a last-minute bailout from the Camden County Emergency Rental Assistance Program.


This $18K payment brings her outstanding balance down to -$495.00.

We hope she stays current, but fully expect her to fall back into arrears when rent is due on 9/1.

We simply couldn't pass up collecting this debt. Especially after another tenant in this building cost us ~$40K in unpaid rent and unit repairs.

Operation Cholesterol

Lastly, the most pressing thing on my mind right now is my high cholesterol.


I booked an appointment to get another lipid panel done in ~75 days.

With the help of my doctor and a few readers of this newsletter, I came up with a minimum effective dose for a daily diet.

This is what I'm trying to hit on a daily basis, without going over my allotted calories:


  • 6 oz carrot w 60g hummus
  • 10 celery sticks w 2.5 oz guac
  • 1 Apple w 30g almond butter
  • 6 oz oatmeal


  • 1 Pill Krill Oil
  • 4 Red Yeast Rice Pills
  • 10g Metamucil

Veggies are crazy. The tiniest amount goes such a long way.

Been seriously missin' out.