SSS #150: A Cry For Help 😭


This week's email is a cry for help.

Business & Personal.

Livin' La Vida Luna


We're not smiling but both of us had a decent hair day by the pool.

What Would You Do?

Alright, here's the situation.

We received a court order to evict a tenant who hasn't paid rent since October 2021.

She owes us ~$15K in rent plus legal and late fees.

We went to eviction court on July 6th. That day, we agreed to let her stay if she could come up with one month's rent in 7 days.

She couldn't - or didn't.

Once the deadline passed, we issued a breach of contract and moved forward with the eviction.

The warrant for removal was issued on 7/26/22.

The earliest the Sherriff would be able to lock her out was on 8/1/22.

Somehow her legal team got the Camden County Judge to extend the lockout date to 8/8/22.

In that time, the tenant was also able to get approved for NJ's Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) to the tune of $18K!

Here lies the decision to be made:

Should we accept the $18K and kick the can down the road? Or rip off the band-aid, eat our losses, and go our separate ways?

I'll let you know what we do in next week's email.

Warning: We're in the middle of evicting 4(!!!!) tenants right now so I imagine this won't be my last email about this ugly process.

F*cking Ch🍩lesterol

6 months ago I went for my first physical exam in 15(?) years.

I'm trying to be around for a while and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Everything checked out except for one thing: LDL Cholesterol (that's the bad one).

Since then, I started taking supplements (Krill Oil), chose less bad dessert options, and cranked up the workout sessions to 5x per week.

None of that worked. 😭

I just got my bloodwork done again and my LDL numbers went up!


This is annoying.

I'm getting another blood test in 6 months and I'm determined to see the LDL number come down.

I just don't know how.

What got me here, won't get me there.

My doctor will likely recommend some more supplements, but I feel like that's a band-aid.

I tried Googling it, but the recommendations are just not helpful.

For example, the number one search result for: "How to Reduce LDL" is this WebMD article that lists 11 ways to "Cut LDL Fast".

2 of the 11 are "Chill Out" and "Laugh More". 🧐 🤨

C'mon man. I can't with this.

I will not chill out. I'm scared. I gotta figure this out asap.

Any legit tips from anyone with first-hand experience or domain expertise?