SSS #132: Time to get back on my grind ⚙️


The other day I read a tweet about how skewed the distribution is for how much time parents get to spend with their children.

I didn't save the tweet, but it basically said ~80% of the total time you have with each kid is used up before their 20th birthday.

Luna's almost two so we're 10% of the way there 😬. I opened my calculator and to do some rough math.

If we get to spend 360 days per year with Luna from 0 - 18 years old, that's 6,500 days.

Then when she goes off to college, we'll get about 100 days per year with her (Summer, Winter, & Thanksgiving break). 400 days.

Then when she's a full-blown adult, we'll be lucky to get one day per week with her for the rest of our lives. Let's put that at 50 times per year for 30 years. 1,500 times.

Based on these assumptions, we get (6,500 + 400 + 1,500) 8,400 days with her total.

  • 77% of which is before her 18th birthday. (6,500 / 8,400)
  • 82% before her 22nd birthday. (6,900 / 8,400)

-- How does this translate to my life today? --

On Tuesday, my dad and I drove 3 hours into the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to pick up a car for my mom.

We talked about life, family, business, and a bunch of other stuff. No radio, no calls, no distractions.

Just one open road and two open minds.

It was the first time my dad and I hung out alone in a few years...

Going on that drive and reading that tweet in the same week probably wasn't a coincidence.

Typically, we see my parents once a week. Either Saturday morning for brunch, or Sunday night for dinner. I'm now in that final 20% of time with them.

I don't know what it's going to look like, but I want to put a concerted effort into getting more mileage out of this final 20% with my parents.

Livin' La Vida Luna


Throwback to when Luna was 3 months old.

With BabyShak 2 on the way, I've been scrolling back into the archive to remember what life was like when Luna was a newborn.

I'm not ready at all for another kid, but I'm sure it's going to be amazing.

Is Renting a Waste of Money?


I found a new editor. He's from Gujarat, India. We're basically brothers. Let's go! 🔥

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